Welcome to Lizbeth's Botanical Academy!

Explore courses about herbal foraging, use, and product creation.

Energize yourself with classes on meditation and Reiki.

Experience improved self-esteem with classes that promote self-exploration. 

Take "A Walk in Nature with Lizbeth" and explore the world around you while learning about 15 wild edibles you can forage for food and health.

Become a Kundalini Reiki Master-Teacher

In this course, discover how you can use Kundalini Reiki for self-care, as well as assisting others. Each of the three levels include comprehensive information, practice opportunities, reflection exercises, an attunement, and opportunities to schedule Zoom chats with me!

Herbal Tea Meditation & Journaling experience

A soothing experience with herbal tea, guided meditation, and reflection to help you start your day, or for anytime you want to relax, refocus, and refresh!

30 Days to Powerful Change

Join me on a 30-day journey to explore your limiting beliefs, reframe them into something more manageable, and then, work through each one with reflection and meditation practices. Together, we can make a powerful change that will transform your life.

Hi, I'm Lizbeth Russell, M.Ed., HHP, RMT. I am an experienced intuitive herbalist who creates popular products and teaches about herbs. I studied herbalism and holistic wellness at the American College of Healthcare Sciences (achs.edu) and have been a Kundalini Reiki Master-Teacher for 8 years. I create powerful herbal teas, lotions, and potions which I sell locally & on Etsy. When I am not creating, I can usually be found playing in the garden or working with clients.